Who’s Responsible for the Acquisition of New Members at Your Association?



Membership Manager, Membership Director, Membership Associate – whatever the title may be, these folks have so many responsibilities under his or her umbrella, I’m not sure there is the time or focus allowed for effective acquisition growth to occur.
For example, within one job description I’ve found multiple and wide-ranging duties that require dedicated and specific attention: engagement, recruitment, and retention; administration of the database; convention/conference planning; committee responsibilities; communications functions; a hand in administrative tasks; and often financial reporting. The bottom line: it’s impossible to be excellent in any one of these areas when the scope is so broad.
I recognize associations are flat organizations and employees wear many hats, but if growth is a concern for your organization, you need somebody working it – and, working it with massive action and unbridled focus.
I’ll give you an example. At our company, there is one guy responsible for business growth and it’s yours truly. We can’t help people in the association industry unless we can get them to work with us – so, nurturing new client relationships is my sole charge. I’m talking about organizational GROWTH and so should you!
My advice? For growth-minded associations who wish to expand their influence and help their industry – hire someone whose priority focus will be on membership acquisition efforts only.  Or, if engagement is a challenge structure the scope for increasing participation in your benefits and services.  Take the opportunity to be very clear in the beginning about the #1 thing.
Now, I say this without having context of the individual associations and their budget restrictions, but I am beginning to think that we are a mile wide and inch deep.
If I were setting up an association today, you know what I’d do? I’d hire 3 people:  a laser-focused recruitment specialist, a government affairs expert, and a professional dedicated to engagement & renewal. If those three items are solid, you are setting your organization up for success.
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