Why Associations Should Get in the Podcasting Game



It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of the podcast.  I’ve been hosting my own – the Association Playbook for more than 2 years now and recently launched a service for organizations to launch their own.  I listen to various podcasts daily – in the car, at home, at the gym, and I definitely have my favorites: The GaryVee Audio Experience, Seth Godin, and Cal Fussman, The Big Question.
I am just one of more than a 100 million Americans listening to podcasts, and I see tremendous opportunity for associations. I compare podcasts to what the e-newsletter was like to businesses some 15 to 20 years ago. But, it’s a much more powerful communications tool and a trend that’s already taking off.
A podcast gives you the opportunity to have more consistency, and ongoing personal communication with those folks. The opportunities are endless to showcase thought leadership or deliver updates about benefits and services.
From a business perspective, podcasting has accelerated my business growth more than any single communications tactic.  Since launching Association Playbook, the length of our sales cycle has dropped down 25%. Additionally, we have experienced 34% overall growth since podcasting.
Now, there are other factors in this growth – but, I believe there are several factors in play.  We receive great feedback nearly every day. In fact, we’ve walked into a sales presentation and the prospect mentions episodes they’ve listened to. Now that’s a WIN in my book!
We’ve connected with them and we believe that familiarity has shortened the decision-making progress.  Additionally, I can send a podcast episode about sponsorship sales to a group of organizations that we may want to offer the service too.  So, the broadcasts can be great marketing tools.
We believe in the power of podcasting so much so, that we launched the Moery Podcasting Implementation service. You can read about the nuts and bolts of this service, which will provide everything you need – start to finish – to launch your podcast. Give me a shout at jp@moerycompany.com if you have any questions!


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