Why don’t potential associate members want to join? – Ask JP #013



Hey folks! Our Ask JP question is, “Why don’t potential associate members, suppliers and vendors, want to join our association?”
Actually, I see the opposite going on. Associates want to join the association and sometimes they’re being stiff-armed by the association to come on board.
Let me give you a little bit of perspective on this. Most often, associate members have the clearest path to your value proposition. They want to meet folks, they want to sign new business, they want to develop business relationships and enhance their revenue streams by being active in your association. The challenge for us, as associations, is to market and articulate that value proposition to them. In other words, we don’t want to use the same old value proposition, membership materials, marketing materials that we use for our core members. The associates aren’t interested in the core value proposition, they have a very clear objective that they want to meet and that is to grow business. They want to join. Bring them on board with a specific, more articulate, value proposition that helps solve their needs.
Here’s the other thing I think you’ll find with these associates: they have really good content. They are experts in the field, they meet more members than maybe even your staff does, they have a perspective about the industry that can be very valuable. Position them in a way that they can showcase their intelligence, experience, and thought leadership that they have in your industry.
Get these folks because they are ripe and ready to join.
Good luck!
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