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After I graduated college, the idea of job searching was overwhelming. With countless LinkedIn profile visits and a few job interviews in, there were times I doubted if I would truly fit into the “office culture.” Coming off an athletic career in college, I valued hard work and knew I would have to learn the ropes as a beginner once I accepted my first job. But, I also wanted to find a job that allowed me to grow as an individual.
Once I interviewed at The Moery Company, I instantly knew why people chose to work with them. There was a sense of unity as I spoke with my future coworkers and colleagues. With eleven employees, I was able to see the longevity and personal growth that was offered for each at the Moery Company.
Not only was the company breaking its sales numbers year after year, but each employee was promoted as a thought leader and an expert in their field.
Most companies rarely offer direct collaboration between its President and a newly hired employee; but JP, our company president, is accessible to his team and his clients. With 25 years’ experience in the association space, his expertise is highly sought after. The opportunity to work so closely with him and to develop my skills left me excited to start my first day with The Moery Company.
The team’s drive to be the best at selling membership and sponsorship fueled my own ambition, that ambition that drove me in my sport. I was able to transfer my enthusiasm directly to the business world. The collaboration between our team and our client partners is unparalleled. As our sales team reaches out to a quarter of a million people each year, our clients receive the highest level of service. These are the reasons why I chose to work here.
Moery Sales Associate, Madeline Trabucco joined the team in 2017. Follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn. And, check out her first video as she turns the tables on President JP Moery.


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