Why I Don’t Answer the Phone



A Moery Company LogoIf my phone rings and I don’t have a scheduled call on my calendar, chances are pretty good I won’t pick up and I’ll tell you why. It’s simple – I don’t like to be unprepared. I prefer more control of the outcome, and by that, I mean prepared to have a meaningful discussion. I actually equate phone conversations with meetings and these require notes, relevant information, or that the latest proposal is front and center.
I’ve picked up too many calls when I wasn’t prepared. I couldn’t find the necessary documents or sales figures and it was a waste of time on both ends. I started allowing calls to go to voicemail years ago after taking on multiple clients. This strategy allows me to schedule the time to talk and makes the phone calls I have much more successful.
And, if you do happen to get my voicemail – leave me a message. Rest assured, I will call you back with the information you requested in hand.


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