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More than 144 million people are listening – that’s why.  And, listenership grows year over year – and more people than ever are listening to more than one podcast. The medium is a killer trend for 2019 and the number of associations I’ve spoken with who want to launch their own show continues to grow.
Here are two podcasting opportunities for associations:
#1 Associations could produce an industry podcast for end users. For example, our partners at the American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA) intentionally developed their podcast for people who use their member’s products. Some examples: tips on safe usage, how to set things up, how to monitor their utilization, and how to effectively work with the manufacturer to get the best and most efficient boiler.
In that way, the podcast is supporting market growth and building awareness of the value of the industry. This approach is intended for a much broader audience – it’s a great way to go, and ABMA is having great success.
#2 The second option is to utilize podcasting to reinforce the value of association membership and showcase thought leadership. Use the mic to speak to critical legislative or regulatory issues that are on the horizon, feature your annual meeting keynote speaker as a guest; promote an upcoming webinar – the subject matter is endless. Podcasting will not only generate more awareness about what your association has to offer members, but there is a tremendous opportunity to reach nonmembers, as well.
Now, don’t expect millions of downloads because the fact of the matter is – you are speaking to a more defined audience. But since launching our podcast in the association space,  we’ve seen our web traffic and engagement with our content increase more than 100% over the last few years.
If you look at the data in this way – what other single strategy could you implement to increase your web traffic by 100%? If you could podcast, would you do it? Hell yeah, you would.
Podcasting generates member and industry engagement and it builds valuable awareness about the organization. It’s rare that I walk into an association to meet on some key issues without someone around the table mentioning they listen to our show. It’s the #1 marketing tool that we have.  If I were an association leader, I would be launching a podcast this year. No question. I can’t think of anything more cost effective in terms of its return on investment.
If you’re attending ASAE’s Marketing, Membership, and Communications Conference, I’ll be presenting on association podcasting in room 152AB at 2:45 – June 6th. Would love to see you there.


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