Why Sharing “What Not to Do” Gets More Clicks – Association Field Report (February 19, 2021)



Hi everyone, welcome to observations from the field. Today, I am covering the effects of talking about mistakes and what this leads to.
Working in the association space I’ve learned that whenever you talk about mistakes or bad business advice received, it breaks the internet. An in-house example – I did a podcast recently on bad advice I’ve received and association myths, this podcast received more downloads than we’ve ever had on a single podcast episode.
We are seeing higher click-through rates with negative topics vs positive topics. I think this is due to people wanting to keep their jobs, avoiding mistakes and staying out of trouble.
The opportunity, is to ensure you learn something positive that will propel you forward. Because, if we are playing defense or playing to lose, we won’t have influence. We won’t do the things our customers or members really need.
It’s time to break some glass and make some mistakes, so you can learn and move forward. So, don’t let mistakes paralyze you. Currently a lot of people are stuck in neutral, we’ve got to move forward.
I look forward to talking soon, Best wishes.


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