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So, I’m doing some figuring….
ASAE’s Salary Survey estimates the total comp for a Chief Membership Officer at $130,000.  This doesn’t include support, laptops, office space, PTO, etc.
A Moery Company agreement for membership sales is $4,000 monthly plus commission.
If we recruit 30 new members a $5,000 – that is $150k in new money for you – the total cost is $85,500.  That is a pretty good deal, right?
The association receives:
Senior association executive contacting your prospects.  In my view, this is worth the retainer alone.  You’re building brand and awareness for association programs.
Weekly in-depth reporting including a log of every single action made on your behalf, a sales pipeline and real-time feedback from your potential member.
Better results than you may be getting internally.
Basic digital marketing as a bonus.
Heck, I’ll even throw in sponsorship sales for no additional fee – commission only.
Is it just me, or something worth discussing?


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