Is winning part of your sales story?



Jeffrey Gitomer provided a great sales presentation this week in Tyson’s Corner.  A key part of his presentation struck me as a major gap in most associations’ narrative.
If you join (sponsor, exhibit, participate, give to the PAC), you are going to win.
In a way, that is all they want.  Your prospects don’t want you to be their voice, they don’t want to be a part of the industry, the don’t want to receive valuable benefits.
They just wanna win, baby.
Win customers, win the project, win the election, win the insights competitors don’t get, win the opportunity to lead, win the decision to join over the naysayers, win the bosses favor because of the good decision, etc.
But, do we frame the dialogue this way?  Usually not.  Is it because we are afraid? Or, is it because we don’t have the programs in place to help them do so?
Food for thought this Friday.  Help you members win on Monday.


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