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Over the last decade, The Moery Company built a flexible “work from wherever” culture. When the spread of the coronavirus reached our shores, and began to disrupt how most industries work, we were more than prepared to seamlessly take our team 100% remote. However, we realize that for some this was a major disruption and operational nightmare as everyone scrambled to prepare entire organizations to work remotely.
Here are some tips from our own team on how they stay focused and motivated. Make sure to scroll to the very end where we provide a list of additional resources for leaders and team members.
JP Moery
I have a “sacred six” list of things that must be done that day. This keeps me focused on short term items. Then there is a “power five” list of items which need to be addressed every day. These items are long-term in nature including prayer, sending thank you notes, telling my wife and kids I love them, and more. I wrote about these productivity hacks in more detail earlier this year, you can check them out by clicking here.
Jackie Bessette
My top three tips for working from home are the following: set a timer for tasks, choose a day a week that will be your “longer” day, and interacting and staying connected to our team is a huge part of the day that helps me stay motivated.
Kseniya Martin
I have been working from home exclusively for six years while also parenting our young daughter. I uniquely feel the pain of all of the parents who are suddenly finding themselves trying to squeeze in a workday while also caring for and educating their children. It’s not easy so my first piece of advice is to give yourself grace. The most important thing right now is your health, both physical and mental. Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.
If you are lucky to have a partner at home, split your days into shifts. My husband is a morning person while I’m a night owl so the division of the day has been fairly organic. We’ve been taking 2-hour shifts to get our own work done and then taking breaks as a family to go for a walk, do yoga, or play a board game. Each day is a little different due of conference calls and our daughter’s needs but the general flow stays the same.
My biggest advice is to create a shared family calendar using block scheduling. Include blocks for work for each adult, “school time” for kids, breaks, meal times, exercise and other recreational activities.
Elizabeth Johnson
Having set hours and sticking to those hours is key. Keep any appointments that you have such as a doctor’s visit, going to the gym, or anything else to lunch time as you would if you had a job in the office. Of course, all of this changes when you have kids at home, like I do.
Bethany Murphy
Have a set routine, as if you’re going into the office: wake up, get dressed, make breakfast, work.
Kerry Doyle
Make sure to schedule in small breaks and time for lunch. It is easy to get caught up in work for hours and forget to recharge. I find that on the days I take time to walk away from my computer, I am more productive when I get back. I always get more done when I add structure to my day. Also, create a space that is designated for work.
Patty Leeman
Take a real lunch. It’s very easy to work straight through. I try to plan lunchtime to run errands, do any household chores that need to get done, or take a walk. The break makes the afternoon even more productive.
Susan Coven
The reason I work is to take care of my family and my home. Working from home reminds me why I need to stay focused on getting the job done. Having a home office allows me to take ownership of my business. It creates a peer to peer atmosphere which helps builds trust and strong client relationships.
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What helps you stay focused and motivated while working from home?


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