Working With Outside Partners to Help With Your Association’s Programs



It wasn’t that long ago that I sat on the association side of things and this meant that I really understood the uneasy feeling of letting an outside group come in and help us with our programs, strategic planning, memberships, or sponsorships. These “outsiders” didn’t work with our members, our industry, or under our mission day in and day out.
When you’re the ones doing those jobs, you’re the ones who know the industry the best! So, it feels strange to use “outsiders” because you wonder if they would be a good match. However, after I’ve come to work on the sales and consulting side of things, what I’ve come to understand is that when we decide to partner together there’s a period of time where you all guide us through the association. We’re looking at the mission. We’re looking at your events calendar. We’re looking at standard activities and what that looks like both for you, members, and a potential member experience. We’re talking about the members. We’re talking about the industry. We’re learning the profiles of potential members, potential sponsors, and current sponsors. We’re spending a lot of time talking about what a deal looks like, how we would get there, and how we can work with you to take steps in that direction. After that part of exercise is done, we’re all really clear on how our support and working with you all, ultimately supports the mission of the association. What we all want to accomplish, right?
Suddenly, when we go out to do those sales efforts or the sponsorship program updates, we’re helping you get closer to the goals and the mission of the association because we spent so much time learning and defining it.
Take a look at a sponsorship program, for instance. If we worked with you to elevate and grow it we’re helping to identify opportunities that are important for sponsors to attract new options and new companies and new engagement while also helping you get sponsors that support and enhance an event. Suddenly, we have this great partnership that’s covering more expenses for the association allowing you to make a better event experience. Which isn’t that the best support for the mission?
If you’d like to learn more, or ask some questions about how we might be able to partner well with you, email me at, I’d love to hear from you and I’d love to talk about this more.


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