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One of the fundamental aspects of selling for, advocating on behalf, or representing a group – is to be 100% supportive of their mission. I’ve worked with many associations, and there were a few that had individual policies I didn’t jive with. But, did I believe in what they were actually doing on behalf of their members and the industry?  Did I want their members to be totally successful? Hell, yes.
This “all in” approach provides us the confidence, speed, passion, and enthusiasm to do the work. So, today is a fantastic time to give yourself some margin and: Review your website and evaluate your e-newsletter, the content for your annual meeting, and the board of directors meeting agenda (would you show up for that?).
Ask yourself if the organization is 100% behind these programs and giving its best effort on them every day.  If not, then consider its elimination.
We’re asking people to pay us tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to become members.
So, if it were your money, would it be worth it to you to join your association? Your candid reflection will say a great deal about what needs to be done.
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