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I was going over my calendar today and with only weeks to go ‘til the end of the 2017, we are at that tipping point: Is this going to be the best year ever? Or, one that is merely fantastic?
With a month to go, I have a few tips for you to close in a spectacular way.
#1 More than likely, you are setting up time to speak with your current clients to set goals for the next year. Our team members are developing their end-of-year summaries – where we are headed next year – and, what are the opportunities to improve? The answers to these questions are absolutely critical.
#2 I also believe you should be reaching out to new prospects because they are making decisions about 2018 and how they can improve their performance.
Here’s a quick tactic that works for me. I’ve made these adjustments and I hope these work for you, too.
We consistently send out content – either about an upcoming webinar, or sponsorship or membership sales, and business analysis consulting. This is not new. But, here’s a little tactic I use as a differentiator: I’m tracking those who are clicking on our content and I reach out to them within 24 hours. I tell them why I’m contacting him or her and it goes something like this:
“Hi, Friend. The reason I’m sending you this message is because you clicked onto my email about sponsorship sales. I’m not sure if you are interested in talking about this topic or want to learn how you might increase that revenue.” If so, we can set up a time for a call. And, I provide a link to my calendar, which allows them to schedule our conversation really quickly.”  
In the past, I might avoid being that direct. I’d reach out via email or I’d give them a call wanting to set up a meeting, but I didn’t say, “Here’s why.” And, I didn’t respond as quickly as I do now.  Responses have definitely improved.
I highly recommend you try this approach. Send an email when you’ve seen they’ve opened a particular piece of content. Or call them right away. Don’t wait. You and your content are ‘top of mind’ in that moment.
I’ll be putting this tactic into overdrive to ensure it’s the best year ever for The Moery Company and I hope you’ll give it a shot.
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