Your Association Business Model Might Require a Closer Look



Recently, I was on my way to Washington, DC, to make a client presentation – feedback based on our review of their entire business model. What I’ve seen in the last 24 months, in particular, is an unprecedented need for the evaluation of dues levels, membership categories, and sponsorship inventory and pricing.
This summer, a $4-million association ceased operations – it’s unbelievable as the organization has been around for several decades now.
Now is the time when corporate members are evaluating their relationship with your association – whether it’s worth it – are they getting the value they expect. So many corporations are members of multiple associations, believe me – they are evaluating their membership and your relationship with them on an annual basis.
We can assume these types of membership evaluations will be ongoing, and I believe a full business review of your organization is a must – the time is now for you to look at all the elements comprising your association.
If you need help, advice, or insight, let me know. We conduct these types of evaluations on a weekly basis and present the results of and recommendations based on our research.  I’d be pleased to share what we’ve learned and some of the trends we see developing.
And, for a new growth strategies resource, buy my new book Association Hustle. I wish you the very best, and I’m pullin’ for you. – JP


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