Your Team’s Superpowers – Association Field Report (March 12, 2021)



Hi everyone, today we’ve got a great observation from the field.
I asked our team what are the best qualities and characteristics that you have that makes you successful? I loved the responses I got as people were sharing them, it got me fired up.
My team’s superpowers are, persistence, tenacity, attention to detail, problem solver, serving, love people, work ethic, love to learn and don’t quit. And now I know why we can help clients well. When you take each individual best characteristic and put them all together, that’s wonderful.
What are your characteristics with your team? Ask your team about their superpowers, the things that they’re most proud of as they work for you and your members.
I think that combination may tell you the things that you might want to use in describing your own organization and your own team and how you can help others.
Best wishes.


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