2017 Association Predictions



Happy New Year, folks.  If I’m right about these predictions, you will be reminded.  If I’m wrong, they were never written! Such are association predictions, kind of like college football picks!
Here are a few predictions I consider noteworthy for 2017.

  1. Associations have been slow to adopt telecommuting and flex work.  They will continue to be behind the market and it will affect their ability to recruit in the new workplace.
  2. Grassroots lobbying will explode as a by-product of populism.  Associations feel empowered to mobilize members for tax and health care debates.
  3. Rush to embrace on-line live media such as podcasting and live video.
  4. Associations continue to look for alternatives to traditional trade show models.  Events will be evaluated for relevance and bottom-line impact and eliminated, if necessary.
  5. Membership dues programs are re-packaged, but the freemium model is dead.

What are your thoughts?
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