What Are Programs?


A Big Red M Program is an Ongoing Partnership

Our approach to consulting is relationship-based. We believe that the best way to serve our clients is through a long-term partnership. With 17 collaborative and consultative program offerings, we can focus on steady and sustained growth, while performing ongoing health checks to prevent major issues. As time passes and needs change, Big Red M can adjust strategies and tactics to align with new areas of focus.  The greatest benefit for an association comes from a consulting relationship based on trust that grows with time.

While we do offer short-term projects, we recommend leveraging our team as an extension of your own on an ongoing basis.

Program Value

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Oftentimes the size of a project correlates with the impact on your association’s growth. But when it comes to associations operating with a lean staff, time and bandwidth are common barriers to execution.

This is why associations experience tremendous value through a partnership with Big Red M.


What This Means for Your Association:

Increased time and bandwidth for your staff

Accelerated progress on major initiatives

Expertise, insights, and support from industry veterans

Partners who will do the heavy lifting for you

Our Programs

How Programs Work Together

Increase Association Revenue

Big Red M’s Member Value & Needs Assessment can serve as a precursor to our Membership Dues Review to forecast the impact of a dues structure aligned with what your members value most and an improved dues structure that allows members to pay for what they value most.

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Association Strategy and Dues

Big Red M’s Membership Dues Review is an excellent precursor to Strategic Planning. Leveraging our forecasts for prospective dues models, you can conduct Strategic Planning with the data you need to make the best decisions for your association.

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Program Packages

Learn more about how our programs align with key initiatives to drive growth for associations.


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