Industry Research

Big Red M’s team of analysts and consultants produce industry-leading research tailored to  your association, delivering real content and data, media attention, and membership incentive.

Research To Drive Revenue

More Attention, More Revenue

Our research projects are extremely valuable for associations because they draw attention from the media, policymakers, non-members, and industry thought leaders.

The research also boosts both dues and non-dues revenue through tiered sponsorship of the research, non-member purchases of the finished product, and increased membership sales from prospects who would like to receive the research at a member discount or as a complimentary new member benefit. 

Membership Review

Economic Impact Study

Sentiment Index

Salary & Benefits Study

Value Proposition Review


The Value of Sponsored Research

When our Chief Research Consultant began implementing his custom sponsored research projects for a leading association, they generated $100,000 in revenue. By year 6 they had generated $1.5 million. These real results are why we’ve launched sponsored research as a separate service offering at Big Red M.

The benefits to associations extend beyond the opportunities for revenue. High-value content benefits your brand through SEO, organic traffic, and media attention. It can be publicized, used for advocacy efforts, gifted to members, and underwritten by companies leading to future partnerships.


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