Big Red M offers high-value, low-lift programs for associations led by our expert industry consultants. For less than the cost of a full-time employee, your organization can leverage the skills and experience of a tenured fractional resource who will operate as an extension of your team. Our consultants serve as trusted advisors and partners, offering recommendations based on tried-and-true strategies we have personally facilitated in the industry over last two decades.


Actionable Member Insights and Data

Member Assessments & Surveys

Recommended every one to five years
(frequency varies by program)

  • Member Satisfaction Survey
  • Member Dues Review
  • Member Value & Needs Assessment
  • Member Educational Needs Assessment


Data to Boost Non-Dues Revenue

Event Evaluations & Surveys

Recommended bi-annually to every three years
(frequency varies by program)

  • Event Evaluations
  • Sponsor & Exhibitor Survey
  • Sponsorship Review
  • Sponsored Research


Organizational Focus

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Recommended monthly to every two years
(frequency varies by program)

  • Strategic Planning
  • Ongoing Consulting


Revenue-Generating Research

Industry Research

Recommended every quarterly to annually
(frequency varies by program)

  • Economic Impact Study & Forecast
  • Business Sentiment Study
  • Salary and Benefits Survey


High-Performing Sales Teams

Leadership & Coaching

Recommended annually or as needed
(frequency varies by program)

  • Sales Process Development
  • Sales Team Structure
  • Sales Training & Coaching
  • New Market Launch Strategy


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