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Big Red M consultants are experts in the membership business model. We provide objectivity, data, and strategic methodology to help associations achieve consistent growth year over year.

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A clear vision for the future

Our consulting process and modeling was developed from our decades of sales experience in the association industry. We begin with a thorough analysis of the issues you’re facing, your vision for the future, where you’d like to see change happen, and pair that information with member, staff, and industry interviews. Through a mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis, our consulting process delivers real data and findings that inspire impactful change.

Association Strategy Consulting

3-Step Consulting Process



Through interviews and surveys, we compile information on key data points such as where members most find value, what sponsorship programs sponsors might be interested in, and where revenue is being generated. From the key data points, we analyze the numbers, all the data from your association, and perform a membership review.


After deep analysis, we look at associations with a similar structure and we establish benchmarks to determine where your data falls inside and outside of your industry. This stage is often where new and out-of-the-box ideas are developed.



Our analysis and benchmarking form a basis for valuable findings such as new dues models, a new value proposition, new sponsorship ideas, different membership rate cards, and new opportunities for non-dues revenue.

Strategic Planning

Big Red M offers skilled facilitation of strategic planning sessions via a certified strategic planner. These meetings are crucial for thoughtful evaluation of where your association has been and where it’s going. We deliver a comprehensive post-meeting report that includes next steps and roles and responsibilities.


Strategic planning is helpful to conduct annually, when there is a change in leadership, or when growing pains are causing conflict. Our skilled strategic planners can help facilitate healthy discussions to align and guide your organization.


[Big Red M] is more than a vendor – they really have turned out to be partners. From [leadership] on down, they all bring a level of analysis to what they do. They just don’t work hard – they are always looking for ways to work smarter as well.


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