Year in Review: Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019



There were common themes weaved through the most popular blog posts that resonated with you this year. You’re thinking more and more about your association as a business and less as a non-profit of years past. You’re looking at restructuring your memberships to better align with your members’ needs and figuring out the best way to adjust your dues models to reflect the mergers and acquisitions that have taken places over the last couple of years. You’re focusing more and more on your business development and improving your sales skills. You’re looking at government relations and advocacy as a necessary function of your association, including the importance of state level advocacy. You also took an interest in thought leadership and content development, a budget friendly way to promote your association and provide value for your membership.
Here are the top five blog posts of 2019:

  1. Restructuring Your Membership Business Model? How to Get it Right
  2. The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Your Association’s Bottom Line
  3. Seven Sales Presentation Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them
  4. Selling Government Relations as a Key Member Benefit
  5. A Win-Win: How Associations Can Transform Sponsors into Thought Leaders, with Bob Buday

Is there a topic you would like for us to tackle next year? Comment below or shoot us a note!
Do you need help in any of those areas noted above? Reach out to Mike Thomas, he’ll be happy to discuss how The Moery Company can help your association grow in 2020!


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