What You REALLY Need to Sell Membership




As someone who focuses on operations, I have the unique perspective of watching and learning directly from our sales’ team daily experiences. Over the past 8 years, I have absorbed what it takes to sell a membership and how someone in my position can support those efforts.

Here are my 3 main takeaways:

Segment your audience – Recognize the diversity of your industry to deliver more valuable content. For example, a company’s size or location can influence whether they are more interested in regulatory issues or they may be looking for more brand recognition.
Review your prospect list – Not only is it important to have good email addresses, but it’s also important to look for your most engaged prospects. This will inform communications and sales efforts.
An experienced membership recruiter – It is crucial that the person communicating with a membership prospect takes the time to know what they need and understand the value of the association.

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Kerry Doyle

A Certified Salesforce Administrator, Kerry Doyle’s expertise lies within the management of client data for business growth. Kerry effectively manages Big Red M’s extensive database to serve client needs and support their goals. She maintains ongoing communication with client prospects through our automated email campaigns and message delivery – which guides a sound sales process.
A graduate of James Madison University, Kerry joined Big Red M in 2013.


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