Celebrate Policy Wins – Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020



Associations need to do a better job of celebrating policy wins with their members.
Many advocacy agendas take months, if not years, to finalize and memberships are won and lost based on the outcome of more critical issues. The perfect time to say thank you to your members for being part of the solution is when an association gets a big win in their advocacy efforts. Such a success would not be possible without the backing of the membership.
Member input matters and helps influence policy.  Even if the member didn’t have a direct impact on the particular agenda, the fact that they are financially tied to the association as a dues paying member makes a difference. This professional partnership means they are supporting a winning team and this simple inclusion of success speaks volumes.  Member are continually evaluating the value proposition of the association’s engagement and celebrating a win shows that together they can have a positive impact on policy.
If the association can support the message with data by stating that by winning on X we were able to save your company an X amount of dollars in compliance, legislative or regulatory cost; the message will present an even greater impact.


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