Association Field Report (May 14, 2021) – How Are Associations Going to Work in This New Environment



Hello everybody, welcome to observations from the field.
Right now there is a lot of speculation regarding how organizations and associations are going to work in this environment, in terms of working remote or in office. Because many associations spent a lot on money to be on K street.
I believe that association CEOs are concerned about this and how equitable it is. Furthermore, how is this going to work for everyone and how do we keep collaboration and engagement high?
I recommend to start with the question what do I want? How are we going to be assessed in terms of our success? Not inside the beltway or the big cities, but how do our members perceive us as being successful to them?
Next, think about how you set up your organization to be successful for your members. Asking these questions will help navigate with Johnny shows up to H street, or if Jane works from home.
Hope that’s helpful. Best wishes.


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