Associations Need to Focus Where They Excel: Their Members



Growing up the daughter of an association professional, I learned at a young age the world of not-for-profit management and maybe even more impressive, what all the letters on the side of the buildings in Old Town Alexandria were for. Truly this meant that when it came time for me to craft my own professional endeavors, that experience translated into the passion I wanted for my career path: working with people towards a mission that would serve a whole industry.
From the start, I have had the privilege to work with trade groups, professional societies, and research foundations where my love for the missions of associations was most useful: in membership development.
Most of my roles at these different organizations resulted in “seek and find” missions to identify new members or help a long-time member find their perfect match under a new corporate membership package or an individual join their trade group to enhance their industry knowledge. Sharing the mission, connecting these professionals to the available resources, and helping to craft membership programs that spoke to that industry was how I made a living and I loved it.
Learning what someone needs and offering the solution through our organization was my favorite part. So that realization has ultimately led to seeking out a job that would take my passion and the experience I have gained to a place with the opportunity to work with a variety of associations, The Moery Company.
Now that I have completed my first month, here is what I want other associations to know. The horsepower available to you by hiring a company who has the tools, knowledge, and expertise in sales will leave you to do what you do best: serve the members. In this world we all know – for membership renewal rates to remain up you have got to get folks invested. Into the education, volunteering on the board, attending the events – this is where you win their dedication to the association and the industry.
We also know the folks who are stars in the world of memberships are those who know the nuances, details, and can “pinch hit” when it comes to annual meetings, database management, and supporting the board. This also means we know the challenge that comes with trying to give those same stars the necessary bandwidth to research, develop a plan, and make the sale. The time, money, and frustration that can be saved by giving your team the support they need through a partnership with a group that knows how to get those sponsors and onboard those new members are invaluable.
In one of my roles in membership, I had the honor to work with a membership professional who had been with that organization for more than 15 years. Everyone knew her, everyone loved her and if you needed a member to volunteer, make a foundation contribution, or write an article – she was the one to make the call.
Her knowledge coupled with her years of experience meant she had the clout to be a big wig – for instance at the conference, the association let her choose where she wanted to be assigned. Guess where she chose? The registration desk – an often chaotic role with very long hours – not usually the preferred onsite job. Her reason, “Well, that way I know I will get to see every member, thank them for their support, and help start their conference experience off with a smile.” This is the heart of a true membership person – so why not let them do what they do so well: meet, greet, and onboard the member and let The Moery Company do what they do best: bring the sale through the door.
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