5 Business Tips For Non-Profits – Association Hustle Episode 296 (8m 7s)



A tip from this week’s podcast: do not underestimate the power of client referrals when searching for business. Listen for 4 more must-do’s for any business or association.

#1: You have to sell the business and the value proposition. One of the biggest challenges I see in the association game, is they don’t have a strategy for renewals or getting new business.
#2: Brand the business like your life depends on it. Become a media company for your industry. The amount of content and information you have is not a problem. It is the cadence. It’s the velocity.
#3: Referrals. The referral essential in getting more prospects and leads. The very best associations are promoting members incessantly on their website and video content.
#4: Talk about the problems you solve, not the features you provide. This directly applies to government relations. Talk about how you’re fixing things for your members rather than features or weather reports.
#5: Outsource your work! I use consultants and they are the backbone of our research and our consulting work. They have done all the communications activity for the last several years for us. They are a big part of our strategy and a competitive advantage, not a last resort for us.


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