How Should We Lead Our Associations Right Now? – Ask JP #042



The question this week is, “How do we lead right now? How do we lead our associations?”
This one is for the association CEO, executives, and leaders.
Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of thought leadership from Bruce Clarke, an Army General who was in World War II and the Korean war. He has written some incredible things around leading armies and I think some of these things apply to association leadership.
One of the things that he said was that you had to move in fire. I think we ought to be moving and firing, we ought to be engaging and in the market as much as possible. Move in fire. It’s hard to get shot when you’re moving in fire.
Secondly, how else do we lead? We must train. We have so many different components of our association from various perspectives – operations and communications – that has changed in the last six months. However, it was already changing with video and podcasting and now in virtual events. Are you training your staff, not only in the sales area but in the area of operations? It’s absolutely essential that you do.
The third part to leading your groups right now is talking about losses. I’ve laughed about this for years. In the association world, we all want to be on the panel discussion and we all want to go to the reception and talk about how we’re crushing it. I think we can learn now and lead the best with our teams by talking about losses or setbacks that we’re having right now and how we respond to those.
That’s what true leadership is about because you know why? They know they lost so the ability to be transparent and talk about those things and how we learn from them and possibly move in fire more and train ourselves will be absolutely essential to your organization moving ahead.
That’s how you lead today.
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