How to Train Someone to Do Your Job



This year I have learned that teaching someone how to do my job has made me a better Salesforce Administrator. When the pandemic hit – and most businesses came to a halt – our company doubled down and took on extra work to support our clients. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to teach someone how to support me with data management.
Teaching any one a skill requires knowledge of every detail step-by-step. For me, it meant knowing the ins and outs of sales processes, how they work together, and how to manage data. This is something I have never had to explain to someone without Salesforce experience and it forced me to revisit processes that I have had in place for years.
I prepared by making a list of my day to day tasks, long-term projects, and on-going projects. Listing out my responsibilities gave me the chance to step back and look at my priorities and identify where I need the most support. After I identified those areas, I started to break down how to do each task step-by-step. Going through every detail helped me see any data management gaps that I needed to tighten up or re-work completely.
The last thing I did to prepare was practice out loud. I walked through each step as if I were teaching someone who has never worked with Salesforce. The more I practiced, the more confident and concise I was explaining each process. I was able to identify and tighten up details that have been in place for years.
Two lessons I have taken away from 2020:

  1. The importance of having a colleague that is familiar with your role and can step in when needed.
  2. Being able to describe your responsibilities and daily tasks as if you were teaching someone your job. You will know right away where you need to improve to make you an expert in your role.

What lessons have you learned in 2020 that you will carry with you into 2021 and beyond?


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