Segmenting Audiences on Your Website – Association Field Report (August 6, 2021)



Hello, everybody, it’s JP Moery with an observation from the field. Right now, my colleague Joe Bates and I are out in the field doing a lot of membership reviews, and here’s an observation I want you to look at.
How are you segmenting your audiences within your website?
When I look at websites right now for associations, I’m not sure who the audience is. It’s like some regulators, some of the public, some members, and some non-members.
I have also noticed we don’t take them on a journey that’s specific for them and I think that’s confusing.  I don’t know who the website content is for.
So, think about this. Think about your different audiences, and the journeys you may want to take them on in your website. I think it is a real key to communicating better with your audiences. Best wishes.
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