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If you have ever worked in sales, you know one of the biggest frustrations of the job is never getting a reply.  You call first thing in the morning, you email after dinner time, you leave a voicemail followed immediately by an email and no response.   After a dozen tries, you take the hint and you cross them off your list.
Before you do that, I encourage you to try a couple of other approaches that our sales team has found success with lately.  The first one is something every single one of us does every day, texting.  It’s a quick way to reach out to someone and you almost always get a response.  We have seen multiple instances where our calls and emails have been ignored for weeks and then a text is sent and there is an immediate reply that moves the process along.
A second approach has been video messages.  We have recently been using a service by  Very few sales calls take place in person. This service allows you the ability to connect with a prospect in a different way.  The message allows you to show a specific web page, so it is more interactive than just an email or voicemail.  For example, if I am talking to a prospect about food safety, I can be showing the web page specifically on that topic.  The video messages should be 30-60 seconds in length and customized for that prospect.
So before you cross that prospect off your list, give one of these two techniques a try.  What’s the worst thing that can happen, they will ignore you?  On the flip side, they will view you as someone who is creative and thinking about their specific needs.
I’d love to hear from you once you have tried one of these.  Share your results with me at or text me at 571.332.9333!
Mike Thomas is The Moery Company’s Senior Vice President of Sales.


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