What skill sets should associations look for when hiring new talent? – Ask JP #011



Hello there, association friends! Today’s Ask JP question is, “What skill sets should associations look for when hiring new talent?”
This is very simple in my view. One. One skill. Can they communicate with the modern technology and the platforms that are growing right now? That’s it. If they can then they are able to transcend the association and accelerate its growth.
The second thing is: do they fit in the culture of your organization? I know there’s a lot of people out there talking about culture, but let me flip it a bit and look at it from a business perspective. Your culture may be one of telecommuting, small offices, and located in the suburbs. The opposite of K Street, big brands, and lots of resources for salaries. Your culture may be one where you’re going to optimize a flexible environment.
I’ll give you the example of our company. I don’t require people to come into this office. Work is what you do, not where you’re at. I give my team flexibility because I think that there are people that want that kind of opportunity. Not a nine to five and slugging into K Street working for a big organization. Yeah, they might be able to give them a better 401k or health care program than I do. But, man, I’m going to give them the culture and the workforce environment that they want. We’re set up for that. Compete based on what you have and your assets for the people that you want to hire, rather than trying to wish that you’re somebody else and try to compete on their playing field. That’s my view.
Look for that talent but then look for the people that are going to fit into your organization best.
Wish you well, because it’s a talent game right now. Let me tell you, that’s why we’re winning. We’ve got the best people that fit into our culture and they’re absolutely impassioned about the clients that we work for. That’s why we’re winning. Good luck.
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