Year in Review: Most Popular Posts About Association Sponsorships



Over the last couple of years, sponsorship sales experienced a shift from being transactional to strategic. It’s no longer about slapping a logo onto a banner and calling it a day. It’s about working together with the sponsor and the association to create a win-win-win opportunity that servers them and the associations members, too.
Is your 2020 sponsorship plan geared towards revenue growth or surviving yet another year? Regardless of your answer, here are our most popular sponsorship blog posts in 2019 that will help you plan for growth in 2020:

  1. Sponsorship Programs Are an Opportunity for Both the Association & the Sponsor 
  2. A Win-Win: How Associations Can Transform Sponsors into Thought Leaders 
  3. Tips to Create a 5-Star Sponsorship Program 
  4. Five Tips on How to Approach a Potential Sponsor the Right Way 
  5. How to Elevate Your Sponsorship Program from Good to EXCELLENT 

Is there a sponsorship topic you would like for us to cover next year? Comment below or shoot us a note!
Do you need help selling sponsorships and finding partners for your next event? Reach out to Mike Thomas, he’ll be happy to discuss how The Moery Company can help your association find new sponsorship opportunities in 2020!


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