People in Our Industry Are On Sitting and Waiting Mode – Association Field Report (April 9, 2021)



Hello everybody, welcome to observations from the field.
My observation is, a lot of people in our industry including, sponsors, prospective sponsors and members are in this wait and see mode.
Clients are expressing to me that membership renewal is a little bit softer and a little more behind than last year. Additionally, recruitment velocity is not at the same pace as it was last year.
So, sponsors are currently waiting to see if we are going to be digital, hybrid or in-person. Subsequently, this sitting and waiting is leading to slower business velocity.
2021 is not going to be like 2019. However, 2022 might look more like 2019. So, my advice for you today is to double down on renewal, development, new recruitment. And focus on keeping business and getting new business. Doubling down will require more strategy, more hustle and more effort this year.
Best wishes.


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