How Do You Optimize Your Sponsorships? – Ask JP #096



Welcome to an episode of Ask JP I’m JP Moery, the founder of The Moery Company. Had a question this week, how do you optimize your sponsorships?
Sponsorship development areas for associations are very active. They’re trying to expand those programs. Question is once you buy the sponsorship, how do you make it work for you?
Once you buy the sponsorship, that’s just the first part. Are you announcing the sponsorship by email to all your clients and partners? Are you promoting it on social media? When you arrive on-site, are you taking pictures of that sponsorship being activated? Are you doing live video or broadcast around the sponsorship at that event? You must make it work for you.
In many cases if you’re working with an association, they are going to repurpose that content too. They’re going to repurpose the fact that you’re talking about your meetings. Once the sponsorship is bought and the contract is filled out, that’s just the beginning.  You have to think about how you are going to activate it leading up to and during the event?
Afterwards, you are likely to have a lot of different inventory for communications like pictures from the activation.  After the event you have to then promote it to extend the value of the sponsorship.
These things can work, but you’ve got to work it. Hope that’s helpful. Best wishes.

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