How to Sell a New Membership or Sponsorship Program



There’s no doubt that associations have had to adjust, adapt, and pivot this year. This included the need to create new membership and sponsorship programs. Here is a six step plan for selling your new programs:

1. Create a plan. Spell out the sequence of events and the distribution of information. Selling a new program can be overwhelming and it helps to break it down into smaller pieces.

2. Develop a no brainer offer, an incredible incentive for people to buy. Even if they’re remotely interested, they’re going to listen.

3. Segment and build out a kick ass list. Too many times we fail because we’re in a rush to get product out the door and to start pitching that we forget who we’re really sending this to. Are they the right individuals? Is their information accurate?

4. Educate your segmented list about the offer and the incentive. The prospect may learn something new and you establish credibility in the process. You become the linchpin of this new program. Launch your new sponsor prospectuses by webinar and walk the prospects through the new inventory.

5. Set an expiration date for the offer. It’s not an incentive – or a no brainer offer – if it’s available forever.

6. Launch the new program again with a different sequence, offer, list, and expiration date. And then do it again and again.

That’s how you launch and sell a new sponsorship program, a new membership category, a new membership dues structure, or whatever it might be.

Need help launching your next sales program, whether it’s creating the plan or the actual selling? If so, we can help! Reach out to Mike Thomas directly or fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact shortly.

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