Outsourcing Tasks and Functions – Association Field Report (September 10, 2021)



Hello there, it’s JP Moery, Observations from the Field. I want to make an observation today and it may be controversial. I’m wondering if outsourcing tasks and functions in your association is less risky?
Let me tell you why. What I’m seeing right now with my association clients and colleagues, is that it’s difficult to hire folks, bring them in the office and put them into the FTE, full time employee structure. I’m seeing a lot of difficulty there. Is it less risky to identify an expert in the field, hire them for the project, get a certain amount of focus and expertise? By the way, most of our associations are still working in a virtual environment, at least some of the time. It’s not like the person is at the watercooler and in the office anyway.
So, the hired free agent, the expert, the higher gun if you will, might be less risky than going out and going through the whole process of hiring an FTE.  That doesn’t even include the financial aspect of it, like training and benefits and all those kinds of things.
I understand that you’re going to sit there and say, well, JP, you’re biased because you are an outsource consulting firm – exactly, but I’ve also seen the benefits of it, and how often we are more dependable, and we are increasingly reliable in the environment that we’re in.
I offer that to you as an observation from the field. Let’s see if it continues to play itself out. Best wishes and good luck.
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