Overcoming this Common Sales Objection



“Time” is an objection I hear a lot more often whether it’s a “lack of time to participate in something” or “it’s just not being the right time.” However, this most likely is not a true objection and is just another way to push you off.
When you get this objection, it’s important to ask follow-up questions to try and uncover what’s really going on.  Is it truly a “time issue” or do they not see the value?
Try asking follow-up questions such as:
1.       What made you come to this decision?
2.       What’s going to change in the next 6 months for the timing to be better?
3.       If we can show you how using your resources on this will benefit your business, would you join?
Asking additional questions will help you uncover the real reason they are not moving forward right now.
If you have any questions on objections, contact me at bethany@moerycompany.com.
Bethany Murphy is The Moery Company’s Senior Business Development Director. Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.


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