The Biggest Mistake That an Association Can Make Right Now



The biggest mistake I’ve seen associations make over these last few months is stopping.
Stopping your outreach to prospects, holding off on contacting your members about renewals, putting a stop to promoting the association and the value you bring to the businesses. Of course, when this pandemic first happened, we wanted to be sensitive and mindful of our messages to prospects and members, and want to now. However, that doesn’t mean you stop running your business because, now more than ever, these companies need you. The associations and the businesses that found ways to pivot and adapt and stay positive during this are the ones that are coming out stronger than ever on the other side. However, the businesses that put everything on hold and are just waiting for this to end are not going to be in a good position when this is over.
Continue to be sensitive to your members and prospects needs. Now is the best time for you to show the value you bring to companies and how you can help them come out on top.


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