The Time to Change Is Now



I have news for you: nothing will be the same when we emerge on the other side of the Covid19 pandemic.
That sponsorship program that you knew needed adjustment prior to the disruption will need to be updated now. Specifically, if the program was always event based, didn’t have any virtual components, and didn’t engage all the assets of your organization.
You may have realized that your annual conference, that is big and broad, was not really connecting with your younger member audience. You may have to adjust those meetings to be smaller, more unique, and more niche events. No one is sure how long it is going to be before people start getting on planes and going to big events. Start planning for the future type of events now.
You’re going to have fewer member prospects and fewer members that are going to renew for the foreseeable future. You will have to reach out to and engage with these folks, not the other way around. It’s going to take more work to get a renewal and to get a new member than ever before. Are you equipped to handle the volume?
All of these adjustments are going to have to happen because nothing will be like it was before. However, I think you are all ready for it. We have associations talking to us about changing their sponsorship program including those who, at first, were going to kick the can down the road for a few months to see how things will play out. Now, they’re like, “No, we got to make changes right away!”
Are you the type of leader who is kicking the can down the road or one who is taking charge and making changes to adapt to the situation at hand? If you’re the later, I believe you’re one of the ones who are going to survive this and we’re with you all the way.
Interested in learning how we can help you navigate change during these uncertain times? If so, shoot Mike Thomas a note!


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