Thinking Outside of the (Sponsorship) Box



Flexibility, creativity, and thinking outside of the box are three tactics I utilize in my sales toolkit, especially as we navigate through a global pandemic.

I want to share a success story for an in-person event in the restaurant and hospitality space. A prospect reached out for sponsorship information, and after an initial conversation, we concluded that the standard sponsorships packages did not align with their budget and marketing goals.
The team was looking for a hands-on experience that enabled conference attendees to utilize the company’s software to help them understand what makes their product different from others currently on the market.
By listening to the prospect’s vision, we were able to build a sponsorship that allowed them to host a reception, giving attendees the opportunity to order food and beverage and have it delivered to their table, using the company’s software. It was a “win win” for attendees and the sponsor.
The pandemic has created new opportunities out of necessity.  My lesson is to look beyond the way things have always been done and to focus on the prospect’s goals. Be open to new approaches and work collaboratively with your clients to think outside the box.


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