What Value Are You Providing Your Members Through Social Media?



I’ve talked a good deal about social media and how these platforms better enable you to communicate with members and prospects. These tools help connect with your audience in very real and authentic ways about your organization and the value you provide.
However, some associations tend to use these platforms similar to how we once used previous platforms, like the old membership brochure – “The 10 Reasons You Should Join the Association.” Frankly, this type of communication is all about the association – “Join this Committee,” “Become Part of the Industry,” “Be Recognized as a Professional.” These reasons matter a great deal to the association, but don’t amount to a hill of beans to the prospect.
Don’t make your communications about you – craft your messaging in such a way that it is all about your members. I call this the “Giving Scenario.” The only way these communication tools are valuable to your consumers is by what they gain — industry insights and information.
I saw an example the other day of what not to do – and, I’m sure the association meant well. They posted on Twitter, “Here are our comments on the latest rulemaking regarding this regulation” accompanied by a link to their comments. That’s what an old association would do, and that’s frankly not very effective.
No interpretation. The missed opportunity was to provide something entirely different. Consider messaging like this, “Hey everyone, we just filed comments on a reg that we think will strip our businesses of their profitability. Because it will require us to build our widget entirely different than before, it will kill business. Click here to read our response and how you can participate.” The insight is the value.
Then there is the power of live video. Conference photos on social are fantastic but take it to the next level.  Record a Facebook Live with your Keynote Speaker who will touch on the main things she shared with attendees that day. Or, engage the new Chairman on the top priorities that will help association members next year – your members will be watching!
Providing information and solutions in real time that’s the play. That’s the good stuff.


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