What Have you Learned Over The Last 14 Years in Business? Ask JP #063



Hi everyone, welcome to Ask JP. We’re celebrating our 14 years of The Moery Company being in business.
A friend of mine asked me what I have learned over the years. So, I talked about this in our podcast called “14 Booms and Busts”, which is coming out this week.
I want to give you a flavor of something I learned early on, if you don’t have cash you can’t make the dash. Tom Donohue said that in a staff meeting for the Chamber of Commerce a long time ago. It’s absolutely true, you have to be able to attract new clients, members, sponsors and at the same time retain have a business operation to do it.
Over the last 14 years I’ve learned that you have to have a business development operation. But, some just fake it or wait for the referral to come in.
As the head salesperson for a decade, I learned if we wanted to scale and grow and be more influential that we needed people to do that for us on a full-time basis. So, Ask JP what I learned, build a biz dev shop to grow your business and keep it moving fast.


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