What Makes Up a Great Board of Directors – Association Field Report (April 2, 2021)



Hey everyone, welcome to observations from the field. Today I am going to address a major disconnect between associations and their customers, the board of directors.
Associations are focused on getting Presidents and CEO’s on the board of directors. Therefore it seems like there is added value and the organization looks more important. Subsequently this may lead to a false sense of security. Often, people think if the President and CEO are on the board of directors then members will certainly renew their dues annually.
The problem is, we often exchange the person’s title for a lack of engagement on the board. The fact of the matter is that these associations need folks that are engaged, participate and give the organization strategic direction. For example, directors because they’re often on committees and participating in the association’s programs.
In short, if CEOs are on the board, make sure you’ve got a group that you can rely on for candid feedback and strategic direction. At the end of the day, we need talent, insights, and areas of expertise within our member companies. Certainly, regardless of the title of the person that’s involved. Think about that as you set up your board.
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