What is Happening With Association Sponsorships? Ask JP #060



Hi everybody, welcome to Ask JP. Today’s question is, what’s happening with Association sponsorships?
Here is what I am seeing, uncertainty. Currently, things are changing quickly, so we are in a No Man’s Land of virtual meetings and no in person meetings yet.
When more things start to open up, I think we will start to see more in person meetings. Because of this, a lot of sponsors are sitting and waiting. It’s really important for your sales team who are developing your sponsorship programs, to be reaching out to your sponsors and seeing what they’re trying to accomplish.
Some questions to ask potential/current sponsors are, what are their goals that they’re trying to achieve? And how are they making decisions right now? That kind of outreach is as important as anything right now. It may not result in a buy right now, but you’re going to know what these folks are going to want.
I hope that is helpful. Best wishes.
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