What Makes a Great Salesperson or Sales Team? – Ask JP #087



Hello there, it’s Ask JP today.  The first question is, what’s that shirt? I’m supporting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, one of my favorite places on the planet.
The real question today is what makes a great association salesperson or sales team?  We spend a lot of time on the pitch, we spend a lot of time on the deck, and we spend a great deal of time on the value proposition. All those things are important but, what generates the most interest in your membership is spending time generating content and interest in your organization.
The best salespeople are very good at generating interest about the organization that they support, or that they’re selling for. They’re talking about what they’re doing for companies in that area, the legislation that they’re trying to stop, and the ways that this could impact you.  They’re generating interest in the organization, they’re watching that interest, then they’re responding to it. They’re doing that instead of cold calling, pitching, or deck.
The thing that really matters right now is, can you generate enough interest in your organization?  If you can’t, is it a communications issue, or is it that you’re not doing anything that people would be interested in?
That’s what we’re facing today in the association membership space. I think it’s a great opportunity for those groups that are doing enough and communicating about it to generate interest from their industry. Hope that’s helpful. Best wishes.
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