What Previous Experiences Best Prepared You for Owning and Leading a Business?- Ask JP #076



Hello, everybody, it’s JP Moery. Welcome to another episode of Ask JP, the question is what previous experiences do you believe best prepared you for owning and leading a business?
I will say this, my experience in association work was valuable, but it’s kind of a bubble, right? You’re not responsible for the bottom line, the owners of the institution or in other places, they’re your members all over the country. So, it’s a different kind of business environment.
When I was at SmartBrief, I learned from an entrepreneurial growth organization- I learned about the importance of the bottom line, the importance of efficiency, about the marketplace and how to listen to it better, so I could make sure that we adjusted our products and the way we were articulating our value to the marketplace.  I found this to be very critical.
Associations, by comparison, can often generate lots of resources and members and activity just based on an inertia and where they stand in the industry.  That real-life experience with SmartBrief in a business environment helped me do the same on my own. So, if you’re an association executive listening, and you want to be more relevant and be more familiar about your member and your industry sector, I would encourage you to embed yourself for a certain number of days or maybe a week or so with some of your member companies and learning from them and seeing them operate.
I think that makes you very effective, not only as an association executive, but possibly in running your own business down the road. Thanks for the question. Best wishes.
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