Does Your Value Proposition Resonate? – Association Field Report (July 23, 2021)



Hello, my friends, it’s JP Moery, observations from the field today. I have been having lots of conversations about organizations and their value proposition. It’s one of the hottest topics out there. People want to know if their value proposition resonates.
Do they need to adjust it? How do they message and articulate it to their members and their prospective members out there in the industry? I’ve got two things that I want your value proposition to address for your members and for your prospects.
First, we will help you make more money.  Second, we will help you save money.  Filter all your benefits, services, and features through that kind of mindset, that’s what businesses are often looking for.
Can we save some resources because of all the information that we get at scale from the association or what we learn or what we save on products and services and training and education at scale? Can we make more money, because of how we meet people, because of how the markets opened up, because of the advocacy and the government relations program that this association has, because we know about what trends are happening in the marketplace so we can get out in front of it?
Can we help our businesses make money? Can we help them save money? And if we can address that issue for them in our value proposition, that’s pretty compelling if you ask me as a business owner.
Best wishes with your value prop. Hope it goes well. Call us if you need help.
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