What’s Your Advice for Beginners on Getting Started With Association Sales? – Ask JP #073



Hello friends, this week’s Ask JP question is from a young executive just getting out of college. The question is, what’s your advice for beginners on getting started with association sales?
I’ve been thinking about this a little bit and what I would encourage anyone that’s just getting into the business is think back to when you were a kid. You weren’t afraid of hearing, no. In fact, you heard no all the time, from your parents, from your teachers from everybody: “no, don’t do that, stop” – embrace that because you’re going to hear it all the time.
Be comfortable with it and give yourself some separation between hearing no and your action. You need to hear no a lot – that means you’re in the field, you’re running around, you’re putting the ball in play as much as possible.
Embrace the no’s – too many association folks, in my view, are afraid of hearing it. Being afraid of hearing no and being afraid of making mistakes, keeps you from reaching your full potential. Good luck to you. Go get em.
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