Association Field Report (April 23, 2021) – New Partnership Opportunities for Associations



Hello everybody and welcome to Observations from the Field. There is a big opportunity for your association right now regarding new partnerships. You can forge these partnerships to increase the awareness of your industry to people.
Here is a great example of an association making this happen. The National Association of Wholesaler Distributors is working with the NFL at the mass vaccination sites. They’re providing P.P.E materials amongst other things to help at the vaccination sites.
This is not only an incredible effort to help Americans. But it gives you a different way to collaborate with industry and with members to address some issues that might be facing America.
So, think about those new collaborations, those new partnerships and those new ways your association can showcase your association to different people.
It’s a great opportunity right now and there are plenty of problems to address. So, I encourage you to look into it.
Best wishes.


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