When things get tough, take a moment to reflect on what inspires you in business, and life. These thoughts keep me grounded and grateful. Maybe you can relate to a few:
Making a presentation before a client’s Board of Directors. It shows the association trusts you.
A client saying – “That is exactly what we wanted.”
Hot wheels – I’d like to buy about five of them today and push them around the desk.
Staff Happy Hours.
A cold call that returns the ring – even if to say, “No.”
The old colleague that calls with a new project.
Singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”
Giving a great personnel review. It makes me so happy.
Airplane landing after a business trip.
Airplane take off for vacation.
Hearing a great sermon.
Watching my girls hit a basket.
Campus Corner on OU game day.
Connecting with an old friend on Facebook.
Fried okra.
When someone compliments your barbecue.
A great belly laugh with your kid.
Sitting on the porch with your wife.
“Back Home Again in Indiana” at the Indy 500.
Looking at old pictures of my family.
What inspires you?


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